Guest: Lowell Cohn of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

What especially struck me about Lowell Cohn’s visit to our class was his ability to keep sports in perspective. Getting angry over a coach thanking God for a victory when wars are being fought and not being starstruck in interviews make me quite impressed with Cohn’s demeanor. Maybe its his New York accent, but he seemed assertive and agressive, yet in a soothing manner. I absolutely loved it when he said, “Who do I care more about: me or Barry Bonds?” Another striking statement he made was referring to his “Doorway Theory,” which is the opinion that one never truly knows another unless he or she has been to the other’s house. I don’t know about physically entering someone’s house, but it really does take a while to get to know someone, and when you put into perspective the fact that so many of us, as the general public, think we “know” an athlete or a celebrity when the truth is actually quite far from that. People like Tiger Woods  tend to surprise and subsequently disappoint us, but who are we to say that we actually knew who they were before such a scandal comes out? Even Tiger’s own wife had no idea what was going on!

Ultimately, Cohn was a breadth of fresh air, as he doen’t hold athletes to unrealistic expectations and doesn’t put anyone up on a pedestal. People really shouldn’t demonstrate the “look” of admiration towards Cohn because he gets to meet some famous athletes, but instead look up towards family members and those that fight for our safety.


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